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Short Story Collection Volume 1 in m4b audiobook format for the iPod and iTunes

This is Vol 1 of the public domain Librivox short story collection with the annoying repetitive introductions edited out for a better listening experience. 

 Black_cat_poe.m4b                  6.4M 
 Children_zodiac_kipling.m4b         10M  

 Duplicity_of_hargraves_henry.m4b   7.1M  

 Golden_key_macdonald.m4b            16M  

 Markheim_stevenson.m4b              10M  

 Nice_people_bunner.m4b             4.7M 
 Pigs_is_pigs_butler.m4b            5.5M 
 Pit_and_the_pendulum.m4b           9.3M  

 Taming_the_bicycle_twain.m4b       6.4M 
 Telltale_heart_poe.m4b             4.3M 


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