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American Indian Folk Tales in m4b audiobook format

With no written language, Native Americans living in the Lake Superior region passed their cultural identity down through the generations by way of stories. Far more than mere tales to amuse children, they passed along the collective wisdom of the tribes. In the 1830s, government Indian Agent and ethnologist Henry R Schoolcraft learned the language of these people and went out to collect and preserve their stories before the tribes disappeared under the westward rush of American civilization. Though these stories were recast as children's fairy tales in the 1920s, they contain much of the old wisdom of a culture which has largely disappeared. 

Read by Chip - 32kbps mono
[   ] 1_Iagoo, The Story-Teller.m4b            1.1M 
[   ] 2_Shin-ge-bis Fools The North Wind.m4b   3.1M 
[   ] 3_The Little Boy And Girl In The Clo.m4b 3.2M
[   ] 4_The Child Of The Evening Star.m4b      5.8M 
[   ] 5_The Boy Who Snared The Sun.m4b         3.7M 
[   ] 6_How The Summer Came.m4b                4.7M 
[   ] 7_Grasshopper.m4b                        7.0M  

[   ] 8_Mish-o-sha, The Magician.m4b           7.7M 
[   ] 9_The Fairy Bride.m4b                    3.4M 
[   ]   38M 

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