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NeoSpeech Voices


TextAloud 2.0 is pleased to now be able to offer new Text To Speech voices from Neospeech.  Kate and Paul are US English voices, available in 16khz or 8khz versions, supporting SAPI5 Speech applications,  most newer TTS programs from other companies, as well as TTS functions built into Windows XP.

Each voice requires slightly under 300mb of disk space, and is available on CD or via download.  They support speed and pitch adjustments, and require a minimum of Pentium II, 400mhz with 128mb RAM.

Listen to NeoSpeech Samples below:

  Kate16 - 16khz US English Female
  MP3 File WAV File
  Paul16 - 16khz US English Male
  MP3 File WAV File


There is also an interactive demo for these voices at the NeoSpeech site.

You can get Kate and Paul for only $35 directly by purchasing below.

Purchase NeoSpeech Voices

Click HERE to purchase NeoSpeech Voices  Buy NeoSpeech 16khz Kate and Paul SAPI5 Voices